Everything that can make me think: How beautiful!

Berlin, 12/08/2014

Sometimes life can put you into dark places. The ones that you’ve never wanted to explore – or even know of. In the end it will not matter if it was your’ or someone elses or even noones fault that you have reached this state that is so unwelcome now. I have spent too much time digging for reasons and always forgotten to influence my future. Life is now. Acceptance is now. Change is now.

The only things that are going to count in my new blog will be to free our minds from all the negatives, all the rejections, all the „I can’t“s..
To find happiness.
In my opinion the first step is to surround yourself only with the people that can give you something positive. I know it is always about giving and taking, but it’s not the right person your hanging with if you even notice yourself giving. If people are worth sharing your time with, spending time and effort comes natural. Thats like a momma and her child. A loving couple.
The next step is to find out what brings happiness. What can be made, influenced, be thought of, discovered or even bought?

This is where my blog steps in:
My reason to write this blog is not to tell you about negative things that might have happend in my life. The opposite – to concentrate on all that makes me feel alive and beautiful and worth to be loved.

I will write about things that inspire me, things that I am proud of and goals I have reached.

For me writing this blog will document my way back to health, new strength and happiness. For you, dear readers, this blog is supposed to be fun, entertaining and inspiring.

My head is full of ideas and plans.

Yours, Kaissa.