Add some steps to this apple.


„An apple a day …“. Who has not been told this loving momma wisdom when being a child?
I fully agree on this quote when it comes to my corporal health.
I have always liked to treat my body with vitamins that come directly from fruits and veggies instead of pills and sweetend juices. My body always treated me well so why haven’t I always been doing the same to my body? We often forget, that happiness inside is only possible with a healthy and happy outside.
Statistics actually showed that our brain works best when our body is the healthiest.

Now that I have become more careful with my „shell“ and try to always keep it in best condition, it’s also time for my mind to get some vitamins.

So what I would like to suggest today, is something that really gets my going:

A good old-fashioned walk.

I started walking approximately a year ago when I lived in Italy and was depending on public transportion which is, honestly, a mess down there.
So I decided to get up half an hour earlier and walk all the way to work (about 4 kilometers/ 2,5 miles) and back.
After a week or so I started to feel different and on the weekends I was almost a little sad because I would miss out on my morning walks. While in the beginning I was bothered by moving so much (exhausting!) and being in a hurry, as time passed by I got used to it. I integrated walking into my daily routine and i kept the habit when I moved back to my home country.
Not only that walking in the cold morning and breathing the freshest air is as good as any double espresso to wake up. I also started to develope an appetite in the morning and since then I have been treating myself with a rich and healthy breakfast which spends a lot of energy and is much more body friendly than skipping breakfast and jumping straight to a super big and fast meal at lunchtime.
In addition I can skip gym because my legs are in the best shape they’ve ever been.
Reaching office exhausted has the great effect to keep me (most of the time) from being nervous or hectic.
Not to mention that I got time to think about my to do list for the day and bring my thoughts in order before I actually start the day. Some of the best ideas I had over the last time, came when I was walking.
If thats not enough for you, what about these reasons to get moving?
Its so beautiful to see the changes each season brings. Its fun to recognize specific trees, bushes and flowers and streets getting ready for winter and starting all over new in spring. I really feel like a part of nature now. I even noticed that the condition my picked path is in, may influence my mood for the day. I can wake up with a headache but be a new person once I reached the office.
And why not bring your quasi unused 500$ camera, pick the spot you love most and take a picture each months. These fotogaphs will make a great and very personal collage in the end.

So my suggestion is to adapt some steps into your everydaylife.
For lots of people their way to work might be too long or they don’t have enough time to do so. If kids or miles make those plans impossible maybe you’ll find a different way of adding some steps to each day.
Just imagine walking to the grocery store instead of driving and not having to find a spot in the corwded parking lot. Or imagine getting out of the sub two or more stations before you reach work and pick a flower on the way to put on your desk and enjoy all day. Or imagine picking up your kids from school and walking home together – explaining to them some history of your city, crossing a park and watching birds and getting some ice cream instead of spending time in traffic.
For me it has changed a lot to be in constant movement and just walk.
It will make you feel more relaxed, healthier and after a little time – even happier.



Everything that can make me think: How beautiful!

Berlin, 12/08/2014

Sometimes life can put you into dark places. The ones that you’ve never wanted to explore – or even know of. In the end it will not matter if it was your’ or someone elses or even noones fault that you have reached this state that is so unwelcome now. I have spent too much time digging for reasons and always forgotten to influence my future. Life is now. Acceptance is now. Change is now.

The only things that are going to count in my new blog will be to free our minds from all the negatives, all the rejections, all the „I can’t“s..
To find happiness.
In my opinion the first step is to surround yourself only with the people that can give you something positive. I know it is always about giving and taking, but it’s not the right person your hanging with if you even notice yourself giving. If people are worth sharing your time with, spending time and effort comes natural. Thats like a momma and her child. A loving couple.
The next step is to find out what brings happiness. What can be made, influenced, be thought of, discovered or even bought?

This is where my blog steps in:
My reason to write this blog is not to tell you about negative things that might have happend in my life. The opposite – to concentrate on all that makes me feel alive and beautiful and worth to be loved.

I will write about things that inspire me, things that I am proud of and goals I have reached.

For me writing this blog will document my way back to health, new strength and happiness. For you, dear readers, this blog is supposed to be fun, entertaining and inspiring.

My head is full of ideas and plans.

Yours, Kaissa.