who I am

This page will give you some inside information about me.
I believe to read and understand my postings in the way they are meant, it’s important to know who is behind a blog.
What regards me – I am always happy to find an „about me“ site on a strangers blog, so here we go:

The most important

My name is not Kaissa. Kaissa is a wordpuzzle from my second name.

I was born in 1990.

I feel neither adult nor teen.

I am a full heart heavy metal girl.

I am a vegeterian. For ethical reasons.

I love my beverages either very very hot or very very cold. Anything in between is not for me.

I need light. Always.

I have not been able to decide yet if i love black and white or the color scheme from mustardyellow to darkred more.

I am, have always been and will always be a big city girl.

I have been living in Germany, the US and Italy so far.

I am a real girly girl.

I am very tall. Something between 5’11 and 6 foot.

Curiosity is my most difficult characteristic trait. While it often causes trouble, it also has made me a well informed, always interested person.

I never really show when I am impressed. If I am totally losing it about something I must reaaaaally love it.


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